Personal Consultation

The Kettlebell Aerobics Upgrade - Individual Fitness Consultation

Feel like you've been spinning your wheels? Uncertain whether you're on the right track? Or simply want to take your training to the next level?

Information is easy to find - knowing how to navigate it can be frustrating.

Sometimes, an experienced guide showing you EXACTLY what puzzle piece you're missing can make ALL the difference.

That's where I come in. You can profit from my experience and save yourself years of frustration and stagnation.

Here are some of the applications:

  • maximizing all around fitness while improving body composition
  • programming assistance to help you develop a customized plan
  • strength & conditioning for martial arts
  • training for military & law enforcement
  • preparation for kettlebell sport competition
  • anything else you'd like to discuss

Our consultation begins with a pre-call assessment, ensuring that the information provided is specifically tailored to your unique needs and fitness level. This ensures that during our one hour video call, I can present the information that's most relevant to YOU and your needs.

Together, we can develop a step by step plan considering the training methods, exercise selection, and lifestyle factors that are going to ensure you reach your goals.

How much is it? For a limited time, I'm going to offer this service for 100€ - an absolute steal considering the value you're going to receive.

Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity! Secure your spot today by sending me a message on Instagram (@kettlebell_aerobics), or writing an email to , and take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals.

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