About me

I'm Alexander, nice to be acquainted.

I started my fitness journey at 14 years old, doing pushups in my room and teaching myself to lift kettlebells from books.

Picture of Alex at the age of 16
Me at the age of 16!

Over the course of the following 18 years, I would try every training method under the sun. Nothing came easy to me, I have no athletic talent to speak of.

Nonetheless, I managed to achieve quite a high level of fitness, here is a (very small) sample of feats I've accomplished:

  • 100 full range pushups in one set
  • 230 kg beltless conventional deadlift at 75 kg bodyweight
  • 24 kg kettlebell snatch – 302 reps in 15 minutes
Picture of Alex at the World Championship 2023
Me at the World Championship 2023!

My training philosophy developed as a result of years in the military and practicing martial arts. I believe in balanced development of power, strength, and endurance – hybrid fitness. At this point, I can see the matrix. All the puzzle pieces fit neatly together.

Join me and elevate your fitness to the next level!

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